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MillROC Mill Remote Optimisation Consulting & Coaching

Mill Remote Optimisation Consulting & Coaching

Orway IQ is at the forefront of global milling optimisation from our Operations Support Centre head office in Perth Australia.         

MillROC (Mill Remote Optimisation Consulting & Coaching) remotely monitors circuits and provide online feedback to ensure a client’s processing plant is running optimally.  Process IQ (PIQ) and Orway Mineral Consultants (OMC) have formed a Joint Venture company Orway IQ that has developed MillROC.


Maximise Throughput

Power Efficiency

Improve Recovery

Reduced Wear & Longer Liner Life

Maximise Existing Grinding Assets

Improved Economics

Orway IQ brings together many years of experience to provide a virtual online milling expert to advise on setting to keep the circuit on the red line. Process IQ provides the platform while OMC provides the expert process knowledge to tune the system.  With these synergies, a collaborative approach is adopted to ensure the worlds grinding circuits are being driven to their optimal operating conditions.  This has aided remote mines to maximise throughput, increased power efficiency, improved recovery, reduced wear by encouraging longer liner life, as well as maximising the existing grinding assets and improving economics.

Variability of the ore, changing equipment conditions, lack of instrumentation and operator training means minerals processing can be a problematic, complex and dynamic system to manage. Grinding mills are the largest single pieces of equipment in the plant, the largest consumers of power and dictate the plant production rate. SAG mills are notoriously difficult to operate.

In our experience, a traditional comminution circuit review regularly finds improvements in throughput of over 10%. However, improvements are often not sustainable as conditions and ore types change. Consequently, most grinding circuits are operated sub optimally for long periods of time. This hidden waste can add up to millions of dollars in lost revenue. Merging expert consulting services with advanced instrumentation, advanced process control services supported by modern cloud-based computing capability can help solve this problem.  Aiding the optimisation process is the application of advanced analytics and machine learning to ascertain hidden relationships in the data.  

The final product – a cloud base receptacle of all your plant data and knowledge related to your circuit performance and optimisation, available to you anytime, from anywhere – via the internet.

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